Leadership In The New Age -Workshop

This half day or one (1) day leadership workshop provides examples of emerging leadership styles, traits and needs. Leadership opportunities present themselves daily and we are called upon to step forward with little time to learn on the go. Why not prepare now for those times. Learn how to set the stage to improve your leadership skills that influence and lead others. this training and development course is presented through interactive discussion, practical exercises and specific case studies. Our experienced instructors have extensive knowledge and practice in challenging leadership roles as well as approaches.

Increase Your Promotion Chances -Workshop

This is a half day workshop designed for the First Responders planning to promote or test for a specialty assignment. The workshop provides a comprehensive review of promotion and selection testing processes along with proven presentation skill preparation methods. You learn how to set the stage to improve your chances for promotion and/or selection to a specialty assignment. The course is presented through interactive discussion, practical exercises and specific case studies. Our experienced instructors have extensive backgrounds in the promotion and selection processes. This training and development course will increase your chances to choosing your own First Responder career path.

Career & Family Survival For Leaders -Workshop

This one (1) day course is designed as a skills building module for the new and veteran First Responders. Your significant other or spouse is invited at no cost. The course provides a comprehensive review of career challenges, impacts on relationships and families, and best practices for your career and family survival. It is presented from the First Responder family perspective, via interactive discussion, practical exercises, and specific case studies examining real challenges First Responder families face. Our instructors have extensive experience in the critical incident stress management, trauma recovery, program building, as well as many years of experience teaching and conducting peer support programs across the country. This is a great opportunity to learn new and best practices of your contemporary career and family survival.

Police Chief Survival in the 21st Century Course

When was the last time you attended a workshop or seminar that was completely focused on your survival and wellness? Where else can you network, share stories, and learn strategies to deal with the chaos that is being a Chief? Chiefs are challenged and stressed daily by the many forces that come to play in their professional lives: political pressures, budget pressures, community expectations, employee and labor issues, family stresses, etc. This two (2) day course is designed specifically for Chiefs and in support of Chiefs. The Chief has few peers and there are significant limits in terms of those who can be confided in, so, this workshop offers the support and confidentiality Chiefs need in a small setting (as the course is limited to 24 chiefs). Aside from support, this training and development course offers strategies for Police Chief career and family survival in today’s challenging times. We share examples of contemporary stressful challenges and their reactions for agency CEO’s, as well as teach you how to implement effective stress reducing strategies that are designed specifically for surviving in the workplace and at home.