At Peer Support Central, we’re dedicated to educating military professionals and corporate leaders about the importance of PTSD support in all facets of a veteran’s life. For far too long, we’ve expected veterans to come back from the intense environment of active duty and immediately resume their civilian lives. This is almost always impossible without the proper PTSD support, however.

We believe it’s our job to correctly train up the peer support specialists, military professionals, and corporate entities who interact with veterans after they leave active duty so they can provide a nurturing environment for those who have endured critical incidents.

Part of that education is making those in the military community aware of the unique challenges faced by veterans and their families. As such, here are three of the most pressing challenges facing veterans today.

Work-Related Stress

According to the 2015 Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle survey of more than 6,200 military families, employment and work stress has the most negative impact on veterans and their loved ones. This stress comes from the lack of PTSD support at their civilian jobs, as well as difficulty finding jobs after deployment.


According to the same Blue Star survey, 50 percent of active duty military personnel say that the possibility of deployment was the biggest stressor for their family. This opinion was shared by 34 percent of veterans and 60 percent of their spouses.

Lack Of PTSD Support

The lack of adequate mental health care for veterans has been in the news a lot lately, so it should come as no surprise that nearly 41 percent of veterans said that separation anxiety was one of their biggest stressors. Likewise 11 percent of veterans and 26 percent of veterans’ spouses said that a lack of PTSD support was the biggest source of stress in their lives.

Are you interested in helping the veterans in your company or organization better cope with the challenges they face? Peer Support Central has workshops and courses designed to provide you with the tools necessary to give them considerate PTSD support.

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