Maybe it’s been years since you were behind the wheel of a patrol car, or speeding to the site of a three-car crash in the back of an ambulance. Just because there’s time and distance between you and the stress of a first responder career, doesn’t mean you can neglect PTSD support training.

PTSD Can Happen To Anyone

Post traumatic stress disorder can happen to anyone who is exposed to a critical incident. Even hardened members of the military or law enforcement fields can finally have an experience that pushes them over the edge.

In an industry where critical incidents may occur on a daily basis, it’s important to be adequately trained in PTSD support so that you can be prepared to supervise your response team.

Leadership Must Be Well-Versed In PTSD Support

Peer Support Central provides several different training options for those in leadership or administrative positions who want to increase their fluency in PTSD Support. We offer a Basic peer support training course that lasts three days, and sets the foundation for future PTSD support courses. After you’ve completed the basics course, you may want to continue your knowledge with the Peer Support Advanced Course or Peer Support Update Course. We also offer three and five day Conflict Resolution, Avoidance & Mediation Courses, as well as Executive Coaching Service courses.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because a critical incident hasn’t occurred for many months or years.

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