In far too many circumstances, military stress and the challenges of resuming civilian life are left out of the discussion about veteran retirement. It’s true that there are many benefits of a career in the military, and these often dominate the conversation among members of the public as well as workforce leadership.

However, accessing well-deserved benefits is only part of the equation. Those who’ve experienced the stress of military service often face difficulties that are only understood by those who’ve lived through them.

PTSD Support Through All Phases Of A Veteran’s Life

Our mission at Peer Support Central is to provide the specialized training needed to help those who’ve experienced military stress succeed in their life after the military. We provide workshops and development courses for peer support specialists that help military veterans transition into retirement or a second career of their choosing. After going through our training and development courses, PTSD support specialists and support experts are equipped to handle the following challenges.

Consequences Of Military Stress

It’s no secret that proper mental health care for veterans is sorely lacking in this country. Despite the best efforts of the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans still represent a disproportionate amount of suicides in America. After retirement, veterans require support systems that can help them deal with the consequences of military stress, including PTSD.

Loss Of Military Community

For many of us, the workplace is where we find camaraderie. This is especially true in the armed forces, where “co-workers” often experience large amounts of military stress together. With retirement comes a separation from this community, leading to a lack of camaraderie and possibly even isolation and depression. With our training, PTSD support specialists and other peer support professionals can be prepared to help veterans through this transitional time.

Transitioning To A Second Career

Unlike many other careers, retiring from the military doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a veteran’s working life. Understanding how their military skills translate to the civilian world can be difficult for some veterans. With our leadership training and PTSD support courses, we can prepare you to assist veterans with this task.

Contact us to learn more about how our training courses can help you tailor your services for those who’ve experienced military stress.