Do you want to be better? Do you want to help others? Do you want to do something that you can be proud of? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, give us a call at Peer Support Central today, because that is more than enough of a reason to take one of our courses. We offer a plethora of peer support training and development courses here at Peer Support Central, take a minute and check out what we have to offer.

Here Are The Reasons Why We Think You Should Take Some Of Our Courses

Peer Support Courses

One reason that we think that you should take a peer support course is that peer support can provide things that therapy can’t. Peer support can be more effective than therapy in certain instances due to the fact that peers can relate to each other’s experiences when a therapist may not be able to. Peer support programs are more than learning how to be there for your buddy. With this program, you can learn to help those that you may not consider being a close friend, but someone with shared experiences.

Military Training

Our military stress management training courses are a valuable asset to any serviceman’s knowledge. We offer courses in basic and advanced peer support, with update courses as well. In these courses, we will teach you to deal with supporting peers in instances of trauma while examining case studies and applying what you’ve learned. We believe peer support to be an important skill in the military training curriculum because a team is only as strong as your weakest link, and with peer support, you can ensure that there are no weak links.

While peer support is extremely important to both us here at Peer Support Central and military training, we also see it as incredibly important to support military families. For that reason, we offer a course that dives into the topic of skill building for family support, family support coordinators and peer support best practices.

Taking care of your family is important. Because of this, knowing how to retire from the military is also important.  We would like you to attend our military professional retirement course so that you may better learn how to build your “next mission” and start off in that direction as soon as you leave the workshop.

Let us help you become both a better peer and a better person with military training courses at Peer Support Central.

Corporate Training

We offer a multitude of corporate conflict and resolutions courses at Peer Support Central because we believe in excellent leadership for the military, law enforcement, first responders and the business world. Much like our other training programs, our corporate training has peer support courses, because peer support is important in all facets of society.

Alongside corporate peer support, we also offer critical incident response workshops, conflict resolution, avoidance and mediation courses. It is our goal to make all office leadership positions well-rounded and ready for any issue or task that could be thrown at them. Check out our corporate training page for more information.

First Responder Training

Peer support might be more necessary for first responders than any other group of people. This is because a first responder’s job is in most cases to deal with trauma. We urge first responders to take our peer support class so that they can better take care of themselves, and others.

Being a first responder is a rewarding job with individuals being able to make a difference in their communities, but as rewarding as the job may be, challenges often present themselves. First responders have to work in an ever-changing environment, work long hours and deal with emotional and physical trauma every day. In an effort to combat the challenges that first responders run into on a daily basis, we offer a variety of first responder training courses.

Alongside our peer support introduction, advanced and update courses, we offer courses in career and family survival, surviving after being wounded, building a wellness program for your organization and how to successfully retire from your position as a first responder. At Peer Support Central, we understand that a first responder has a lot on their plate, and it is our mission to help first responders learn how to better deal with the issues that they are asked to face on a daily basis.

Check out our courses on first responder training!


Leadership is an important trait for individuals to have, and can often be the difference in determining the success or the failure of an organization. At Peer Support Central, we have a variety of leadership courses that examine topics like how to increase your chances of getting a promotion, career and family survival and leadership in the new age, a course that discusses emerging leadership styles and practices. As well as the broader leadership topics, we also offer courses with smaller scopes such as our police chief survival course, a session dedicated to discussing ways to navigate through the stressful career of being a police chief.

At Peer Support Central we don’t just refresh leaders with new information, but we also develop new leaders. Our leadership training courses are designed to give you the information that you need to develop your career and become a leader in your organization.

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Let Us Help You Develop Your Skills!

At Peer Support Central, we are dedicated to providing training to industry professionals that are interested in becoming better at what they do. We offer courses to individuals that explore the topics of peer support, critical incident stress management, critical incident trauma response and leadership challenge preparation.

We understand that life is full of barriers, blocking the path that you want to follow. At Peer Support central we can give you the tools to knock down the barriers that lie in your path. Contact us today and sign up for one of our peer support training and development courses.

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