First and foremost, if you are in the military we would like to thank you for your service. You have put in years of hard work and dedicated yourself to military training for the betterment of society, and the should not be overlooked. Since you have spent a good portion of your life, or even the last couple of years, serving, you may feel accustomed to the lifestyle that they military provides. This is totally normal, but it can make the idea of searching for a civilian job quite terrifying or uncomfortable.

At peer support central we offer peer support training and development courses to military members that are, or are considering, retiring from the military and re-entering civilian life. Our courses for carrying over your military training, and taking what you have learned with you to your next career, are designed to help you with your difficult transition.

In today’s blog post we will discuss a few of the things that you might learn by attending our Peer Support Central career planning half-day workshop.

Focus On Your Next Mission

When you were enlisted, the odds are that a good part of your career involved setting goals, and not resting until those goals were complete. Finding your next career can be a lot like accepting and strategically working towards your next mission. When looking for your next job, it is important to ensure that you look hard for a job that actually interests you. All too many times veterans accept jobs too hastily and end up regretting it later on.

Speak To People In The field You Wish To Be In

If you are truly serious about finding a field that fits you well, it is imperative that you find a field that actually interests you and then speak to people in that field with tangible real-world experience. While yes, it is important to discuss your desires with your friends and family, but until you speak to someone in the field you will not know if the field will be right for you. As great as military training is, it doesn’t train you to automatically know an industry based off of a hunch you have.

Build A Professional Network

In any job search, military veteran or civilian, it is important that you build a professional network. Not only will doing so give you the valuable insight that we discussed above, but it may also lead to actual jobs and other advancement opportunities.

Build A Profile On LinkedIn

Another way to build a professional network, but in a digital sense, is to create a professional profile on a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Not only does building a profile allow you to connect for industry professionals in your desired field, but it also allows you to seek jobs, and more importantly be searchable to companies that are looking for positions to fill.

Prepare For Your Interviews Multiple Times A Day

You can be the perfect candidate for a position and not get the job offer because you tanked your interview. People aren’t just looking for candidates that can get the job done, but they are also looking for candidates that fits their company culture. So prepare for your interview by testing yourself, conducting mock interviews with others, and become familiar with your qualifications and skills. The more confident that you are in your interview, the higher the chance that you get offered the position.

Don’t Get Too Stressed

We understand, this is a new experience or an experience that you have not found yourself in quite some time, but it is important to keep a cool head and to not get stressed. Taking courses like our military training and development courses here at Peer Support Central can help you better learn to cope with such dramatic changes. We have the highest confidence that you will get the career you want, we just want to help you learn how to plan it.

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