As providers of high-quality peer support training and development courses, Peer Support Central often receives inquiries from people who wonder how peer support training translates into real life.

Sometimes, these people are interested in peer support training and development courses because they’re looking for a new career, in other cases, they’re simply looking for ways to provide support for first responders and military veterans in their community.

When answering questions about how our peer support training and development courses can be put to use in the real world, it’s always helpful to utilize stories from the media.

One such story about the power of peer support training recently made headlines in New Jersey. The Courier-Post reported about Katie Broeker.

This 21-year-old’s life was tragically cut short after a long battle with clinical depression. Her obituary described Broeker as “devoted to improving and saving lives in both her personal and professional endeavors.” It was this passion for helping that led Broeker to pursue a career as an EMT.

Broeker’s sudden and tragic passing shocked her coworkers, and underscored the importance of peer support training and development courses on multiple levels.

First, it’s possible that a peer support specialists could have been able to help Broeker learn to cope with her clinical depression, avoiding her untimely end.

“We realized there was very little out there in terms of information and in terms of support,” said Eric Hicken, founder of Mission Hope NJ. “That got us asking, ‘What are we doing wrong? What are we not doing at all?’ We need to do something, and do it now.”

Second, in the wake of Broeker’s passing, peer support specialists in the area have stepped up to provide counseling to those she left behind, providing customized counseling and emotional support to those who work as first responders.

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