In a previous blog post, we took a look at the national job market, especially those industries and positions that represent a good fit for the skills and experience of today’s veterans.

According to a recent survey by Forbes Magazine, veterans with the proper leadership training are prime candidates for the financial advising, information security analysis, interpreter/translator, and management consulting industries.

Peer Support Central is proud to be a leading provider of leadership training and development courses that help both employers and veterans create successful futures. Now, let’s take a look at four more of the year’s best jobs for veterans.

1. Network & Systems Administrator

Military personnel in today’s armed forces have the unique ability to acquire experience with cutting edge technology and network systems. Combined with the proper leadership training, this experience allows them to transition seamlessly into one of the many IT careers currently exploding in America.

2. Physical Therapist

The Department of Veterans Affairs alone employs over 1,500 physical therapists. There are thousands more of these jobs available in the private sector. Many veterans gain experience in various aspects of health care and physical therapy in the service, making them ideal candidates for this career following additional education.

3. Registered Nurse

Like physical therapists, registered nurses are in high demand in today’s workforce. This is another field in which many service people gain experience “on the job” during active duty.  “You can actually apply your experience in the service the same as you would college education toward your nursing certification in certain states,” CareerCast content editor Kyle Kensing told Forbes.

4. Human Resources Manager

The entirety of the military experience is a lesson in managing and motivating people. Those with the proper leadership training are perfectly poised to bring these skills with them into a human resources management career. Couple this with the fact that many companies are actively seeking to recruit veterans, and human resources becomes a very bright career path for those acquainted with the military community.

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