You may have noticed that from time to time, we enjoy profiling the vast number of ways that people who graduate from peer support training and development courses like ours are helping change lives in their community.

Although we specialize in peer support training and development courses for veterans and first responders, we like to celebrate the diverse ways that this industry is having an impact, and the many jobs that will open up to our students after peer support certification.

In the past, we’ve discussed peer support programs in police departments, EMT communities, and even addiction recovery facilities. Today, we’ll take a look at a university-level peer support program that’s helping to raise awareness of mental health problems among young adults.

Crimson CORPS Provides Peer Support In Indiana

Crimson CORPS, a coalition of undergraduate students at Indiana University, is a peer support program that connects members with fellow students who have mental, emotional, or other problems they want to talk about.

Crimson CORPS provides a vital service to University students who might otherwise be reluctant to seek counseling because of the high cost and social stigmas attached with getting help for mental health issues.

“Having a student who is trained in how to listen and how to help and who is knowledgeable about different health topics can be really helpful for students,” Elyssa Klann, a Ph.D. student in counseling psychology and Crimson CORPS staff member, told IDS News.

When participating in the peer support program at Indiana University, Crimson CORPS staff members focus on being good, non-judgmental listeners, intervening when their fellow students show signs of needing help instead of remaining a casual bystander while things go wrong. These signs include crying, being late to class, and allowing grades to slip.

Peer Support Central Offers Training And Development Courses

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