If you are an executive, then you most likely were promoted from another position to your current one. Unless you start your own business, many executives work their way up the corporate ladder to the highest position. Even if you performed excellently in your previous post, being an executive is an entirely different ball game, so to speak. Being an executive requires certain leadership skills and abilities that other positions do not require, and it takes time and training to develop those skills.

During our Executive Coaching Service, the last installment in our Corporate Training Courses, you will work one-on-one with our executive coaches to develop the leadership skills necessary for career enhancement. Some of these skills include the ability to choose and prepare successors, and the art of influence.

The Art Of Influence: As an executive, you have a lot of influence, whether you are a good leader or not. Being able to use your influence to leverage and improve situations, from company growth to conflict resolution, is a vital executive skill. With executive coaching, you will learn what influence is and why it is important in the workplace, and will be able to learn self-awareness skills to evaluate your current influence ability. Using your power of influence, you will be able to empower your employees and build relationships with your colleagues.

Through this coaching, you will realize that there is a difference between authority and influence. Leading simply by authority, power, or hierarchy doesn’t result in a stable employee/executive relationship. Leading by influence, on the other hand, can enhance employee commitment to the company and establish change and growth among your employees.

Delegating Successors: Our executive coaches will also guide you in not only how to choose who will succeed you at the end of your executive career, but also how to prepare that person. As we said above, most executives achieve that role by moving up in the company, and it is likely that your successor will do the same. Therefore, ensuring that you have the leadership skills to groom the next executive is vital to the longevity of the company.

Time after time, new leaders fail in executive positions, even if they were unstoppable in their previous role. For example, a top marketing executive at a large corporation may not be prepared to handle the financial aspects of running the company. Maybe an employee is excelling at one area of management, but may not understand how general company-wide management works. This coaching will teach you what to look for in potential successors, and how to ensure that they are well-rounded and prepared when the job is theirs. One of the keys to this is developing an educational system where employees can continue to learn and gain new skills – just as you are with executive coaching.

Peer Support Central Offers One-On-One Executive Coaching

At Peer Support Central, we offer more than just critical incident stress training and peer support training. To ensure that all leaders are well-rounded, we offer corporate training and executive coaching by trained professionals with experience in the field. Choose Peer Support Central for your professional development courses, and ensure that you and your business are set up for long-term success. Find out more about our corporate classes, or contact us to get involved!