One thing that many veterans struggle with after discharge or retirement is what to do with their time. Dealing with PTSD and other side effects of military stress means that veterans need different types of support and training post-service in order to be successful in a civilian career.

As such, not all civilian careers will be appropriate for a veteran. It’s up to the peer support training specialists we educate here at Peer Support Central to provide leadership training and development that veterans so desperately need for future success.

Forbes Magazine recently took an inventory of the most promising jobs for veterans in 2016. We’ve summarized this list here, so that peer support training and development professionals have a better idea of the jobs that are made possible when veterans have access to the proper leadership training.

1. Financial Advisor

This job requires a certain level of education and professional prowess, but is still fairly low stress as far as jobs in the financial sector go. Many financial advising firms are actively seeking new clients in the military sector, and veterans who are already intimately acquainted with the needs and desires of that community are attractive job candidates.

2. Information Security Analyst

Many military personnel receive training in several areas of information technology. This means that many veterans, with the proper leadership training, are poised to assume management positions or possibly higher without spending any extra money on education.

3. Interpreter/Translator

Veterans stationed overseas are in a unique position to pick up language skills that make them a valuable job candidate once they return to the United States. Those who become fairly fluent, learn to read and write in the language as well as speak it, and have a passion for speaking the language could have a bright career as an interpreter or translator in a number of different industries.

4. Management Consultant

The entire experience of being in the military is an exercise in organizational structure and the management of subordinates. With the proper leadership training, veterans are in a great position to offer management consulting services to companies who want to attract and retain veteran employees.

Peer Support Central is dedicated to creating a better future for veterans through comprehensive, targeted leadership training. Whether you’re a veteran or someone who works with veterans, we are your online choice for education. If you’d like to be involved with this leadership training at any level, browse our selection of training and development courses today.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this post, which will explore four MORE of the year’s top jobs for veterans!