As we’ve detailed in past blogs, a peer support specialist is simply someone who has been through a stressful or traumatic situation, often work-related, helping others who are or have been through a similar situation.

It is, quite simply, peers supporting peers.

Traditional Support Professionals Often Doubt Peer Support Specialists

In some cases, especially with regard to first responders working at the local level, “peers supporting peers” is a literal term. These individuals simply volunteer to provide support to their colleagues with little formal experience or training. However, information from Behavioral Healthcare Magazine indicates that advanced peer support training and development courses such as those we provide here at Peer Support Central can be revolutionary for these much-needed professionals.

“As a new profession, Peer Support Specialists—as they were initially regarded—faced many challenges, not the least of which were existing professionals that were confused by their presence..We see the peer workforce rapidly growing and gaining credibility. With the integration of primary care and behavioral health, we see even more opportunities for peers to make a meaningful contribution,” wrote Lori Ashcraft , Kathy Bashor and Mike Franczak.

Give Peer Support Specialists The Gift Of Training And Development

If you’re an organization that’s seen friction between existing mental and emotional health professionals and the peer support specialists you’ve added to the staff, we hope you’ll contact Peer Support Central. We offer a wide variety of peer support training and development courses that can help “fill in the gaps” that novice peer support specialists are missing. This can help to turn a fragmented support network into a cohesive force designed to provide clients with optimal reinforcement.

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