It’s true that Peer Support Central specializes in peer support training and development courses for those who want to be of service in the military and first responder industries. We still love hearing stories of other ways peer support specialists are serving their communities, however.

While there’s no denying that those who work as police officers, emergency medical technicians, and military service personnel are constantly bombarded with potentially-traumatizing situations that require critical incident stress management, civilians must endure stressful life challenges as well.

Peer Support Specialists Helping College Students

Consider a recent story out of San Diego that details the experience of high-school graduates struggling with a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The stress of managing a complicated disease right as they’re about to embark on a new phase of life–college–can be quite immense.

In a report from the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting, it was discovered that these young adults aren’t being provided with essential information about their condition by clinical providers and traditional diabetes educators. This is information that they’re far more likely to get and absorb from their peers.

Clinical Recommendations For Peer Support Needed

“Often at this time in life, getting information from a peer will be far more impactful and effective and is more likely to lead to behavior changes,” said Christina Roth,chief executive officer and founder of the nonprofit advocacy group College Diabetes Network. “Currently, there are no clinical care recommendations related to young adults that mention the role of peer support,” Roth said, and she would like to see that change.

We’re thrilled to learn that peer support specialists could play a pivotal role in helping young adults process and manage their diabetes diagnosis. As we continue our work in field of peer support training and development, it’s been truly remarkable to see how many ways the application of peer-based counseling can benefit our communities.

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