Have you ever considered a career in peer support? If helping others overcome adversity, addictions, and mental disorders seem like something that you would be interested in, this exciting career path might be perfect for you. Here at Peer Support Central, we provide training and development courses so that people can become proficient in providing support to their peers, as well as potentially move on into a career as a peer support specialist.

If you are interested in becoming one of the many wonderful peer support specialists that provide veterans, first responders, and anyone else that needs support with relief and real-world solutions, we urge you to consider registering for a peer support specialist training session with us here at Peer Support Central.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing what it is like to work in the peer support industry.

The Reward Of Working In Peer Support

First and foremost, we have to state that providing peer support is not only rewarding to the patient but is also rewarding to you as a professional. Working in the peer support industry you will likely be able to see measurable results in the progress of your patients. In addition to the reward of seeing people make leaps and bounds of progress in their recoveries, you will also get to meet people with all sorts of different backgrounds.

There is no “template” or list that dictates what kind of person may develop addictions, experience trauma, or develop another need for peer support. Different types of people from all walks of life end up needing professional support, making a peer support specialist’s patient base extremely diverse. As well as being able to see measurable results in your diverse patient base, you will learn almost as much as you teach.

With a diverse patient base, both in their background and the issues they face, you will learn as a peer support professional that different people respond best to different support techniques. In doing so, you will also be better prepared to provide support to future patients. Every day as a peer support specialist is a learning experience.

Duties Of A Peer Support Specialist

As a peer support specialist, you will have many duties. Before we discuss the various responsibilities we would like to state, as a peer support training program, that being a peer support specialist is not the same as being a therapist or a counselor, but is more of a supporting role to medical professionals.

While the job title might suggest that a peer support specialist solely provides support to their patient, in reality, a peer support specialist is there to provide resources. Peer support specialists may provide their patient with access to the following resources:

Emotional Support- The primary resource that a peer support specialist provides their patient with is emotional support. By providing emotional support in the form of stories, divulging personal experiences, and listening, a specialist can immensely help their patient.

Provide Resources- In addition to providing emotional support, it is also the duty of the peer support specialist to provide their patient with valuable resources in the community. Resources like jobs, support groups, and social clubs can be extremely beneficial suggestions.

Lead Meetings- An additional benefit that a peer support specialist might provide is the act of leading both individual and group meetings. By leading these meetings the peer support specialist is able to help patients emotionally while also providing them with the opportunity to meet others that may be going through the same thing.

Start On Your Path To Being A Peer Support Specialist Today

If you are at all interested in a peer support career we urge you to register for one of our training development courses here are Peer Support Central. With peer support specialist training from our knowledgeable and experienced staff, you can easily jumpstart your career in peer support. Contact us today if you have any questions, or check our calendar for the next available course.

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