Peer Support Central is dedicated to educating and training individuals in the military and first responder communities to become peer support specialists.

With the intense need for critical incident stress management and PTSD support, we’re always surprised by how many people, both civilian and military, have yet to hear about the pivotal role peer support specialists play in our society.

In this article, it’s our goal to provide some insight into the definition and purpose of the peer support specialist, in hopes that more military and first responder veterans will see how vital they can be to the recovery and future success of others in their community.

Who Can Be A Peer Support Specialist?

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a peer support specialist is “a person with a mental health and/or co-occurring condition, who has been trained and certified to help others with these conditions, identify and achieve specific life and recovery goals.”

“A Peer Specialist is a person who is actively engaged in his/her own recovery, and who volunteers or is hired to provide peer support services to others engaged in mental health treatment.”

Although we specialize in peer support training aimed at the military and first responder communities, it’s important to point out that peer support specialists are utilized in a number of different areas, like survivors of sexual assault, and drug and alcohol recovery.

What Does A Peer Support Specialist Do On The Job?

If you’re a survivor of a critical incident who’s looking to help others cope with similar issues, you may be wondering what it would be like to work as a peer support specialist on a day to day basis. According to the VA, “peer specialists serve as role models by sharing their personal recovery stories, showing that recovery from mental illness is possible. They teach goal setting, problem solving, symptom management skills and a variety of recovery tools.”

As you can see, becoming a successful peer support specialist means being able to communicate your own experiences in a way that helps people come to terms with their own. If you’d like to help fellow veterans or first responders in this way, register with Peer Support Central today. We have the training and development courses you need to make a positive impact.

If you’ve been seeking a rewarding career that helps others like you deal with the intense stress that comes from being a soldier or first responder, we can help you make that dream a reality!