It’s true, to become a peer support specialist it is as easy as taking a peer support specialist class and then working hard to make a name for yourself, but it takes certain qualities to make a great peer support specialist.  

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the qualities and abilities that someone must possess in order to become a great peer supporter. As your peer support specialist at Peer Support Central, we are dedicated to producing high-quality and effective peer supporters, and if you have some of the below values or abilities we urge you to consider becoming a peer support specialist.

Desirable Values for A Peer Support Specialist

As a peer support specialist, your job is to be someone’s rock, an unwavering support structure that people can rely on to help them get through difficult times. Because of this, it is imperative to a peer support specialist to be determined to help others. Additionally, a peer support specialist should be able to make their peer feel like an equal to them, even though they are the one that is seeking help and support.

A peer support specialist must also be empathetic and understanding to their peers, as it is a specialist job to help their peer through difficult times, not contribute to the grief that they are feeling. Lastly, a peer support specialist should be optimistic and hopeful during the recovery process. While it may seem like it doesn’t matter, you cannot truly help someone if you think that they won’t succeed.

Desirable Qualities Of A Peer Support Specialist

  • Below, we have listed some of, but not all of, the qualities that are desirable in a peer support specialist.
  • The ability to recognize and the hope and determination of the peer, and to be able to help steer the peer down their own unique recovery path.
  • The ability to create and maintain positive relationships. The willpower to be as flexible as possible for your peers and to put their needs before your own (within reason).
  • The willingness to utilize examples of your life and your struggles as an example, and to reinforce the fact that all struggles come to an end.
  • The ability to see when you are helping too much. A peer support specialists job is to help guide their peer in the correct direction, not to punch them.
  • The ability to focus on yourself. As a peer support specialist, it is imperative that you can flip between your social life and your professional life like a light switch. Being that peer support specialists often deal with sad and uncomfortable topics, it is important that they maintain their own happiness.
  • Know your own personal limits. Some people become so invested in their job as a peer support specialist that they neglect to take care of themselves when they are having a personal crisis and should be reaching out for help.

Become A Peer Support Specialist

If you are interested in helping others and you believe that you coincide with the values and abilities that we have discussed above, we urge you to check out our course schedule today and enroll in  peer support specialist training. Through critical incident and stress management training, leadership training, peer support training, and other training and development courses, you can achieve your peer support specialist certification and truly make a difference in someone’s life.

At Peer Support Central we train people to become high-quality peer support specialists in the military communities, first responder communities, as well as corporate communities. If you think that you or your organization could potentially benefit from having a peer support specialist, we urge you to enroll in one of our courses. Contact us today if you have any questions about our peer support specialist programs.

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