America is still reeling from the devastating mass shooting that recently occurred at a nightclub in Orlando. Leaving 29 people dead and 53 others seriously injured,  the crime is being considered both a hate attack against homosexuals and a terrorist act.

Peer Support Specialists Play Pivotal Role After Mass Shooting

It’s at times such as these that we are reminded of the important role peer support specialists play in guided humanity through horrific events. We expect that our first responders will act quickly and selflessly in these situations: arriving quickly and working to assist those who have been injured in the attack. We often forget, however, that these first responders need support themselves.

Boston.com recently reported that two local firefighters trained in peer support and critical incident stress management have been sent to Florida to provide assistance to first responders involved in the Orlando shooting.

The request for the two firefighters, who will join a team of similarly trained firefighters from across the country, was “immediately” approved by Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn, according to department spokesman Steve MacDonald.

Expand Your Impact With Peer Support Specialist Training

This is a perfect example of why training and development courses are so important for peer support specialists. Not only do they need to be familiar with the needs of their own community, they must be ready to provide assistance to others should the need arise.

Do you want to be in a position to provide support to your peers in times of crisis? Do you want to be able to volunteer when others around the world are hurting? Consider expanding your skills as a peer support specialist with our advanced training and development courses for first responders.

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