Advocating the efficacy and success of peer support specialists all over the country is our mission here at Peer Support Central. As veterans of both law enforcement and the military, PSC’s founders know just how vital peer support training is for the health and safety of tomorrow’s first responders and military personnel.

Faced with traumas, horrors, and stress that most civilians can only imagine, law enforcement officers, veterans, and first responders of all kinds must deliver a high level of performance in situations that would emotionally destroy the average person. It is only through the careful and deliberate execution of support programs, many of which are supplied by their peers, that we can help these professionals from developing PTSD and other health complications.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for stories that reinforce the importance of peer support specialists in communities across America. Stories like this one, which recently came to our attention via the Cambridge Chronicle in Massachusetts.

Greater Boston Establishes Regional Critical Stress Management Team

In early November 2016, it was announced that no less than eight police departments from in and around the Boston area would make a big move to endorse peer support counseling and leadership training in their region.

The decision of these police departments to establish a Regional Critical Incident Stress Management Team shows that the misunderstanding and stigmas that have plagued law enforcement for years are slowly starting to dissolve. In its place, law enforcement is starting to embrace the role of the peer support specialist and their ongoing commitment to critical incident stress management.

“Members of this Regional CISM Team will serve as regional peer support officers to assist participating communities in responding to major critical events and to those officers who have been affected by these incidents,” explains the Chronicle. “Certified officers will be activated, as needed, by participating agencies to voluntarily attend group crisis interventions, including demobilizations, defusing and debriefings. They will also be available as ongoing peer support resources for affected officers within the participating region.”

Communities Must Rally Behind Their Peer Support Specialists

Boston is leading by example when it comes to training and elevating peer support specialists in the law enforcement community. They are taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive one, which has long marginalized critical incidents and forced law enforcement personnel into assuming that the desire for emotional support was a sign of weakness, rather than strength.

Join The Next Generation Of Peer Support Specialists!

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