In our last blog, we talked about the kinds of jobs that are prone to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We talked about how military personnel have one of the highest rates of PTSD because of the stress of combat. We also talked about how police officers can develop PTSD because of all of the things that they have to encounter when they are protecting our streets. So we would like to continue with that list in this blog.


Firefighters and EMT’s are at the scene of nearly every car accident or fire so they are sure to see some disturbing images. Many crime scenes end in flames and it is up to the firefighters to save or discover the people inside. The things they see cannot be unseen. Just like police officers, they show up to some of the most unimaginable things. Developing PTSD is not all that unheard of.

World News Reporter/Photojournalist
Reporters and photojournalists go deep into a country with little to no combat training to report the news to us all of the time. Sadly, it has become a common occurrence when these people get captured and held for ransom by terrorists and other radical political and religious groups from around the world..

Corrections Officers

Corrections officers have to be around killers, rapists and other extremely dangerous criminals all day, everyday. There are many things a corrections officer might encounter while on patrol including suicide and murders. No one would blame a correction officer for seeking PTSD support after such an incident.

There are several other jobs out there that could set off PTSD in its employees. If you believe that you are suffering PTSD, you should seek PTSD support as soon as possible.