If you work for a fire department as a firefighter or medic, or a police officer or in the military, you know how important it is to know what you are doing in the heat of the moment. Often times, you are the first responder on a scene. You have to be completely prepared to take charge of the situation so that you can save lives. But sometimes, you are going to be in situations that affect you mentally and physically and you and your coworkers will need peer support to help you navigate through the emotions you are sure to have. This is why Peer Support Central is proud to offer the First Responder Peer Support Training courses.

Basic Course

This course is a three day course that helps each of its participants build their skills to help support the men and women who put their lives on the line to be first responders everyday. We will study specific cases and examine the challenges that face the peer supporters. We have many instructors that have had real world experience in the field and will share that experience.

Advanced Course

Designed to be a skills building module, this course is for experienced peer support specialists and other team members. Enjoy in-depth discussions with others who have been where you have. You will also learn new intervention and treatment methods to help your peers. Each participant is encouraged to bring cases to study with the group to gain new insights.

Update Course

Of course, everyone who takes our class will go back into the world and learn new things and new methods to help someone so it is good to have a refresher course every now and then so that everyone can be on the same page when it comes to peer support. It is important to stay up to date on the newest methods and treatments so that we can help our peers get the help that they need.

Whether you are looking to become a peer support specialist or have been one and would like a refresher course, we have just the peer support course you need. Call us today to sign up for a seminar.