1. Successfully Retiring From The Military

    First and foremost, if you are in the military we would like to thank you for your service. You have put in years of hard work and dedicated yourself to military training for the betterment of society, and the should not be overlooked. Since you have spent a good portion of your life, or even the last couple of years, serving, you may feel accustomed to the lifestyle that they military provides. T…Read More

  2. Building Peer Support Communities Within Organizations To Respond To Crisis

    If you have been keeping up with some of our previous blogs, you understand the importance of value in peer support programs following a crisis. As peer support specialists and open advocates for workplace and peer-to-peer support programs, we feel it necessary to reiterate some of the values that implementing a support program within an organization. One of the first things to remember when consi…Read More

  3. Speech And Its Role In Peer Support

    Peer support, as we have been discussing for some time now, is an extremely beneficial support system for people that are recovering from traumatic physical and emotional experiences. While peer support is a beneficial strategy to helping people cope with the trauma or hardship that they have experienced, it can often be derailed by non-inclusive language that is not consistent with mental health …Read More

  4. The Values That make For A Quality Peer Support Specialist

    It’s true, to become a peer support specialist it is as easy as taking a peer support specialist class and then working hard to make a name for yourself, but it takes certain qualities to make a great peer support specialist.   In today’s blog post we will be discussing the qualities and abilities that someone must possess in order to become a great peer supporter. As your peer support specia…Read More

  5. The Various Benefits Of Support Groups

    The Various Benefits Of Support Groups

    Sadly, bad things happen to good people. On a daily basis, people around the world are involved in critical incidents that cause PTSD, stress, and other psychological conditions. Often times, people are forced to seek help to deal with their issues, whether it be from a group, a peer support specialist, or a psychologist. As a company that offers peer support training, we here at Peer Support Cent…Read More

  6. Peer Support Specialists Making A Difference

    Peer Support Specialists: Making A Difference

    Peer support and those who serve in peer support specialist positions are extremely undervalued, mostly because peer support is a quiet success story. If a peer support specialist does their job correctly, you often won't hear about it, because the conflict has been resolved and all is right once again. Here at Peer Support Central, we train people to become peer support specialists by providing p…Read More

  7. Working In Peer Support

    Have you ever considered a career in peer support? If helping others overcome adversity, addictions, and mental disorders seem like something that you would be interested in, this exciting career path might be perfect for you. Here at Peer Support Central, we provide training and development courses so that people can become proficient in providing support to their peers, as well as potentially mo…Read More

  8. How Can Critical Incident Training Help You

    How Can Critical Incident Training Help You

    At Peer Support Central we have a course called Executive & Manager Critical Incident Training. While this course may seem like it is tailored to be specifically for corporate leadership roles, it can also be very helpful information for non-business situations. By definition, a critical incident is a large disturbance or crisis including natural disasters, chemical spills, or extreme workplac…Read More

  9. First Responders: Those Who Help Others May Need Help Themselves

    First responders are best known for their innate ability to help others. Whether it be a firefighter or an emergency medical technician or a police officer, first responders can be seen fearlessly helping others in situations where other people cannot help themselves. While it is perceived that first responders are incredibly vigilant professionals in dealing with traumatic events, sometimes traum…Read More

  10. Why It Is Okay To Ask for Help

    One of the hardest things in the world is learning how to ask for help. Ever since a young age, people are molded by societal norms that dictate that asking for help is a sign of weakness or a sign that you can't be self-sufficient. That could not be farther from the truth. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength because it takes a lot more grit to ask for someone's hel…Read More