1. Five Actions A Corporate Leader Can Take To Improve

    Historically, corporate leaders have been villainized by cartoonish slang like “working for the man,” “the boss-man won't get off my back,” and other such negative references to management. What often isn't recognized is that leadership roles in corporate companies are the glue that holds everything together. As a corporate leader, there are a few qualities that are extremely important to …Read More

  2. How Listening Well Can Help Someone Suffering From PTSD

    PTSD is a traumatic stress induced disorder that currently affects over 5.2 million people, with that number growing drastically every day. Because of the growing need for PTSD support, new methods of providing peer support are necessary to help those affected by PTSD. While there is plenty of research being conducted daily to scientifically produce some form of relief for people that have experie…Read More

  3. Why Wellness Programs Are Important

    As an employer of first responders, you are likely dependent on the work that is completed by your employees to make money. That being said, the work that your employees complete is essential to the survival of your organization. Because of this, it is essential that you know your employees are feeling well and working to the best of their abilities, without the hindrance of sickness or other comm…Read More

  4. What Does It Take To Be A Corporate Leader?

    Corporate leadership is defined as being at the top of a company’s executive structure. Essentially, corporate leaders are the people that set the company in a specific direction, disseminating orders and suggestions down the chain of command. Being a corporate leader isn’t easy, as they often work long hours while juggling various responsibilities. Luckily, you don't have to be a natural-born…Read More

  5. Peer Support Discussion Topics

    So at one point in time, you thought to yourself “You know, I’ve been through a lot. I wonder if I can use my experiences to help someone who is experiencing similar issues to what I did?”, then you joined us at Peer Support Central and took a peer support training and development course. Look at you now, channeling your training and peer support certification and combining it with your prio…Read More

  6. What Does It Mean to Be a Peer Support Specialist?

    If you have been tuning in to our blog, you probably know that we talk about peer support a lot and how it can be applied to issues like PTSD and other mental health conditions; but today, we are going to discuss the role that peers support specialists play in society. What Does a Peer Support Specialist Do? Peer support specialists are people who work in the mental health industry that have had p…Read More

  7. How Service Dogs Can Help People Suffering From PTSD

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, you know that we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a lot. The Main reason that we discuss PTSD so often is because we tailor our courses to first responders, military professionals and corporate leaders, a large population of which have seen or experienced symptoms of PTSD in their careers. PTSD is an extremely tough mental health issue to …Read More

  8. Critical Incident Management For Executives And Managers

    A critical incident is something that you never want to happen, or even expect to happen. Since emergencies can occur swiftly and unexpectedly, it is important to have some sort of plan in place that you may refer to when emergencies do present themselves. In this blog we will briefly go over the importance of critical incident management, and what you would expect to learn in a critical incident …Read More

  9. Why You Should Register For A Peer Support Central Course

    Do you want to be better? Do you want to help others? Do you want to do something that you can be proud of? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, give us a call at Peer Support Central today, because that is more than enough of a reason to take one of our courses. We offer a plethora of peer support training and development courses here at Peer Support Central, take a minute and chec…Read More

  10. Why Support Systems Are Beneficial

    “Support” is typically thought of or talked about in a seemingly nonchalant way as if it's not an important thing, but it is. A support in the physical sense is an object that takes some or all of the weight in a given situation. For example, if a bridge begins to collapse because one structure has failed, there are multiple other supports in place to ensure that the bridge remains standing. J…Read More